Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Component

Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Component:
The King of Kings Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Component provides thirty-six (36) groups sessions per client. The Aftercare (We Care) counseling sessions are designed to provide a continuing care regimen to assist the male or female consumer in replacing habitual substance use with habitual attendance in proactive recovery treatment program activities and make abstinence the highest priority. This requires a structured regimen that combines individual, group counseling, education, random drug testing, and self-help (AA and/or NA) group attendance. Our goal of abstinence is achieved through treatment staff and peer group participation, with volunteer commitment of the consumer. Contact Mr. Terrell Davis, Ms. Belinda Lopez, Treatment Counselor. Telephone Number: (559) 442-0400 or (559) 268-9559. FAX Number: (559) 442-0401.