Background Summary

King Of Kings


COMMUNITY CENTER’S Administration Office 2302 Martin L. King Jr. Blvd. Fresno, California 93706-4135 (559) 442-0400, Fax (559) 442-0401 E-Mail:

The King of Kings Community Center is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that was incorporated in 1969. The Community Center was originally named the King of Kings Lutheran Center, Inc. The Community Center was founded through a small subsidy from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, as a non-sectarian, social service agency to assist disadvantaged and disenfranchised residents of the West Fresno Community. Beginning with one employee, the organization has grown to become a well-known and well-respected agency in the community.

  The efforts of the Community Center are also directed towards addressing the needs of the community youth in West Fresno. These efforts involve merging with other establishments in the efforts to provide resources for tutorial programs, parenting classes, a food and nutrition program and addressing the problems of crime, violence, and gang activity in the community.

The project concentrates on counseling disadvantaged families with a wide variety of problems such as substance use and/or abuse, child neglect, marital problems, legal and financial difficulties, educational achievement, etc.

  In 1981, King of Kings was successful in obtaining a grant through the Fresno County Health Department to establish an alcohol recovery facility in West Fresno. This facility is a highly successful and effective ten (10) bed residential alcohol and other drug(s) recovery home for individuals in need of treatment along with a Sober Living home for the individuals who have successfully completed the residential. The facility also provides outpatient/aftercare services to those persons completing the residential phase of treatment.

In addition to the programs listed above, King of Kings is reaching out to be involved in the community in any efforts to adjoin with all operated programs in the community. King of King has always made an effort to be involved in a number of community service projects, which assisted seniors and disabled persons in the repair and maintenance of their homes and summer youth employment programs intended to enhance the environment of the West Fresno Community. The Center works actively with the Fresno Police and Sheriff Departments to reduce crime and youth gang activity in the community.

King of Kings organization is a growing and expanding scope of service. It has nurtured and enjoyed making the effort to have positive working relationships with the residents of West Fresno. King of Kings is a well-known and respected provider of services in the community. We are an efficient and effective organization.

The area is typical of many designated poverty locales. There is a high degree of unemployment, underemployment, substandard housing, welfare recipients and all of the problems these conditions tend to exacerbate. Additionally, there are inadequate health and social services, with preventive and educational health services being almost nonexistent. There are both a high homeless population and an ever-increasing number of former mental patients who have been released from state and county institutions with services and facilities totally inadequate to meet their needs. According to statistics, the area can be characterized as a stable community with a substantial number of elderly-persons and children living below the poverty level and the highest concentration of smokers in the City of Fresno. King of Kings represents a unique, mutual endeavor by consumers and traditional providers who work together to improve social services to the community.

Our Board of Directors and staff possess a positive and progressive view toward meeting the challenges and problems of our community and the toll that addiction has played in our environment. The policymaking Board consists of five (5) Directors; a mix of consumers, including community and agency representatives. Leadership is in the hands of the Chairperson, who is also a representative of the City of Fresno County. The Board is totally committed to the welfare of the organization and neighborhoods, as evidenced by the sponsorship of the programs targeted at pregnant and post-partum women, substance abusers, and ex-offenders to name a few.