Pregnant and Postpartum Women ‘s Program

Pregnant and Postpartum Women ‘s Program:
Established in 1990. Provides non-residential intensive outpatient drug-free and prenatal substance use and/or abuse treatment services for women experiencing problems that are associated with alcohol and/or other drug use and/or abuse. Originally funded by Fresno County Health Services Agency, when in February 1995, King of Kings opted to provide Drug/Medi-Cal services to Drug/Medi-Cal eligible participants. This modality also provides treatment services for women who may suffer as dual diagnosis and/or possess a co-occurring disorder. Contact Ms. Belinda Lopez, Treatment Counselor. Telephone Number: (559) 268-9559, (559) 442-0400. FAX Number :.(559) 442-0401

Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays                             11:00am-12:30am

( 559)268-9559